MES Advisement 2020 by Minhaj Education Society

 MES Advisement 2020 was held on 13-01-2020 in Minhaj University Lahore. It was presided over by The Managing Director, Minhaj Education Society Dr. SM Shahzad. Participants of this program consisted of Principals, Vice-Principals and Presidents, MECs of Minhaj Group of Institutions.

            The Director Institutions, Prof Muhammad Rafiq Sial welcomed the audience and described the brief history of this educational journey, started by Sheikh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in 1992. He updated the main points of previous advisement 2016 along with the implementation report. He explained the recent developments and achievements made by the Minhaj Education Society and Minhaj Group of Schools. He shared the observations and findings about 53x visited Institutions. He also presented the future plans and projects on part of the institutions and Minhaj Education Society, as well.

Addressing Prof Rafiq Sial Director Institutions

Addressing Dr. SM Shahzad Managing Director Minhaj Education Society 

            The Managing Director, Minhaj Education Society Dr. S M Shahzad addressed the participants and referred the educational vision of Sheikh-ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri in his words:

 “We want to educate our nation in such a manner that they could not only stand up before the developed nations of the West but also serve the humanity, leading two steps ahead”.

            He asked to transform the students and conduct the programs of “Children Literary Festival” in Feb 2020. He emphasized the participants to prepare working plan for the next ten years and start working on it, immediately. He also told the audience following important points of success:

            Always think like champions, you have to win in every situation. Be committed with yourselves, you have to work hard to achieve your goals at any cost. Do it right, now. Always be prepared. Keep your words. Set your goals. Don’t quit. Always endeavor to attain success.

            In the end, the Managing Director Minhaj Education Society described death bed theory asking what would you do if you are informed about the date of your death. You will certainly, seek forgiveness for your mistakes. You will improve your attitudes and do good deeds. Live in such a manner that you have to die, tomorrow. Change your lives and attitudes.

Participants of MES Advisement 2020

            Later on, mutual discussion was opened. Participants submitted different suggestions and recommendations to develop quality education and improve the functioning of institutions. The Directors Minhaj Education Society responded to all the relevant issues of their responsibilities.




Discussion and Advisement Session

Grouping Photo Session



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